Grocery Delivery in Santa Fe, NM

Have you heard of Instacart before? Overnight Santa Fe's grocery stores went from regular local shoppers to personal dedicated full time shoppers for Instacart. I know this because I am one of these shoppers and I have watched it happen over the Covid Quarantine of 2020. As people decided to stay home and order in instead of go out and be at risk, I got busy and began helping people stay safe while making some income on the side.

When COVID slowed down the real estate business earlier this year, and my Bartending job at Red Sage inside the Hilton furloughed me in March 2020, I decided to get creative and I registered as a Full Service Shopper for Instacart. For the last six months I have been delivering groceries in between working real estate deals, 70-80 hours a week. The job has opened countless doors for me, most literally. Right now I am working with 6 buyers and 3 of them came from an introduction via Instacart. I pride myself in having immaculate customer service skills and I spend my days ensuring all of my clients, from both Instacart and Real Estate are taken care of better than they have ever been before. I ensure a five star service on both business fronts and I leverage my knowledge of neighborhoods and I drive for dollars all day long, all whist helping people stay home and stay safe. Not to mention the income it has provided my family and I at a time when I could have been devastated and at a total loss.

I have delivered to retirement homes on behalf of dozens of their children (usually ordered out of state for their parents) who live in assisted living in Santa Fe. I have delivered to the disabled, the sick and those with children who don't wish to risk going out into public. I stay masked, gloved and washing my hands/spray sanitizer all day long. I have coolers to keep ice cream cold in the hot desert summer heat and I leave a note with each delivery that I am happy to be of any assistance to ensure they are happy customers. I have been delivering to the same homes now for half of the year.

Instacart has fueled the furloughed food and beverage refugees and new brokers like me with an income in a tough time financially for us. When you order from the Instacart app, you are directly helping a local family like mine pay their bills. What you rate your Instacart shopper, decides if that shopper will continue working or not. Anything less than 5 Star Rating and your shopper will lose access to batches and you will most likely never seen them again. Ratings at times are more important than tips. Us Instacart shoppers now know each other, have group texts and facebook forums to communicate. Two of my shopper coworkers are using me as their Realtor next year. We talk about all of the big tippers, the no tippers and everything in between. We take pictures of incredible adobes and share them with each other, we buy each other iced coffees and collect grocery store prizes for kids. We know where the traffic is in town and who is out of toilet paper again. We know where the best produce is and where the best deals are. I've never eaten healthier than I have working for Instacart, my fridge is always stocked with the best produce in Santa Fe. Pro-tip, Sprouts stocks their organic produce Monday - Tuesday & Friday!

Overall, Santa Fean's have been so generous on their gratuities with my delivery efforts. Some customers have even purchased me a beverage or left snacks at their door, others have given me a giant cash tip that has kept me behind the wheel driving. I have quite honestly made more income with Instacart during the Coronavirus times than I have prior to the pandemic, as a 10 year Bartender. As a first year associate real estate broker, Instacart has funded my Real Estate business with new relationships and a stable income. Above all I have gotten to help those in need by bringing food to their door weekly. I leave recipe cards, stickers and make sure to let those who I chat with know that I am happy to help in any way.

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