My Solo Trip to Jemez Springs March 2021

Every two weeks or so, I try to carve out a day or so for some serious solo self care. I am firm believer that you cannot pour from an empty cup. So, I stay creative in finding ways in the desert to de-stress, unwind and get centered once again. Bi-Weekly self care adventures are ideal but a monthly self care day is my minimum. I started this practice in my late twenties and plan to carry it out life long, as I see the enormous benefits I get from ensuring I have time to recoup. I've been a 7-days-a-week-career-focused person my entire life and my real estate clients know they can reach me 247. I am the Realtor that stays up late writing your contracts and will drop everything to run to open a door for you. I have found that in order to regenerate and keep up this type of "always on" style work, I need intentionally carved out time on my calendar to be un-reachable. I let my clients know when this day will happen well in advance, so that way there is no surprises. And, I have a team to back me up if something must get done on the day I am away. While at times it's nice to not have a traditional office desk job, it can also be draining to *always* have my phone on and never truly disconnect from working and social media. It comes to a point sometimes, where I have to force myself out of the office, off the phone and computer - and into the hot springs!

I seriously cannot believe it took me the 4 years I've lived here in New Mexico to discover Jemez Springs. Click here to check out the Jemez Hot Springs website for more information about daily rates, capacity, etc. I used to frequent Ojo Caliente hot springs but since they have burned down last year, I have been at a loss for a place nearby to 'checkout mentally' until this week.... when I discovered Jemez Hot Springs! What a find! 1 Hour north of us in the Los Alamos area you can find the most pristine geothermal warm natural waters just waiting for you to take a day off and rejuvenate in the mountains.

Upon arrival, I found the 4 large pools to soak in and a great staff offering towels and refreshments. As I entered the turquoise water baths of Jemez Springs, an elderly cowboy who was soaking nearby welcomed me with the classic line "come here to cure what ales you?" We proceeded to chat about all things important in life: real estate, ranching, cannabis, freedom and the many hot springs locations around the state. My cowboy friend was in his late 50s and was born in Spain but had lived in New Mexico his whole life ranching. I learned of secret hot springs spots he told me about and he even encouraged to "get where you are going and start to fall in love with the land". My cowboy friend picked up on the fact that I was transient to the area, even with a real estate license and a will to stick it out for my spouse, he recognized that I have yet to find my permanent place in this world. He explained to me that Jemez Springs was his forever home, he owned the land he lived on and cherishes his ranch more than words because he outright owns it with no bank payments. I love hearing stories like this as a Realtor. That's the American dream right there! This truly struck home with me as I long to feel the same way about where I live and plant down roots in a "forever home" somewhere, someday. Sadly, I don't feel the same way about New Mexico as my cowboy friend, but it sure was pretty out there and it was awesome to hear from a true authentic vaquero and find a new soaking spot to ease the stress I have while I do live here. A day I will personally never forget!

I stayed the night at the Airbnb efficiencies on site at Jemez Hot Springs in order to get in a great hike and a soak the follow day too, before I returned home. Click here to see where I stayed! Soaking was included with my stay which was great and the condo was very cute, equipped with a gas fireplace and a very comfortable bed. I had the best breakfast burrito I have had while living in New Mexico at the Highway 4 Cafe in Jemez too! I packed a cooler with refreshing beverages (coconut water, a carrot juice I made from scratch, kombucha and several flavors of La Croix) and made myself a picnic lunch to enjoy outside that day. I had complete privacy to write, read, soak, sleep, hike, picnic and take a much needed day off. I highly recommend this adventure for anyone living in state that misses being in water, it does exist - you just have to drive north to find it! I for sure will be back on a regular basis now that I know about this hidden gem in Northern New Mexico. See you at the springs!

If you happen to go visit Jemez Hot Springs - please do tell them local Realtor®, Jenna Hensley sent you because she wrote a stellar blog about the place!

Enjoy your soaking experience! Message me if you need a soaking friend to join you too!

For more info contact me directly: Cell:# 505-699-3204

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