Our Cross Country Skiing Trip to Red River, New Mexico - February 2021

This past weekend, we loaded up the dog (Miss MJ) for a family fun weekend adventure 3 hours North of us to Red River, NM! We stayed for a weekend in a log cabin efficiency steps outside the local ski lift. The views were amazing, the people were friendly, the food was great and the outdoor skiing and snowshoeing adventures we had will last us a lifetime! We tried Cross Country Skiing for the first time and found it to be much harder than it looks. My fiance, Damon, who ski's pretty regularly says it's much harder than Alpine skiing! I thought Cross Country Skiing was pretty difficult myself and I am not a skier.

After rolling my ankle and going upside down a dozen times, we decided to switch to snow shoes instead and went on an adventure with our dog in the woods and had a great time hiking together. While my fiance Damon is an avid skier, I struggle to find enjoyment face down in the dirt, but... I gave it a shot is what mattered! I say the learning curve is too steep for this inexperienced snowbird, but really I am just a fish out of water out there on those ice stilts. I do great with the ice skates and the snow shoes and snow tubing, but bladed feet and I don't seem to mesh well. I had fun on the flat tracks but once we started downhill, I was doing cartwheels!

We rented Ski's & Show Shoes from Enchanted Forest Cross Country Ski Area, the crew was super friendly and the gear was top-notch, we highly recommend checking it out:

After a day in the snow together, we went for BBQ and brews at Red River Brewing Company, the local watering hole. Red River Brewing Company is known for their comfort food, southern hospitality and cold drinks. I highly recommend dining or drinking here, we had a great time and have not been in many restaurants in a while, so this was a real treat! We strolled down the main street in Red River enjoying the sights and then turned in for a cozy night in our cabin of watching movies and drinking hot chocolate. Traveling with my guy and my dog is one of my favorite things to do, so this memory will always hold near and dear to me!

We stayed in a VRBO (Click Here to see the rental unit) Beds were comfy, dogs were allowed, there was a functional and clean mini-kitchen. Breakfast right next door at 'Shot Gun Willies' is not to be missed (seriously, that was next level delicious breakfasting).... But the best part were the views from our cabin! Mountain views out of every window made for a really beautiful snowfall in the evening and at sunrise. I woke up early and walked the neighborhood and had some coffee at Steam Coffee Co.

If you are planning your next Winter Ski trip or Vacation, I highly recommend this wonderful little town of Red River, New Mexico. With ample vacation rentals, open restaurants and tons of skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, dog sledding and more - you're sure to find one of the most fun adventures in New Mexico! Check out lift ticket prices here.

Click to check out Available VRBO Properties or AirBnb Properties in Red River, NM to plan your next visit. With options ranging from family friendly homes, to ski lodges right outside the lift - the lodging in Red River is world class! We will absolutely be back for our next winter family adventures in 2021.

For more information about Red River New Mexico visit:

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