Our Trip to Truth or Consequences, NM February 2021

Last weekend my fiance and I took a 3 hour drive South and went and explored the town of 'Truth or Consequences, New Mexico' for his 41st birthday. We usually travel outside the state for his Birthday, but due to the 14 day mandatory quarantine law, we decided to stay in New Mexico and find something fun to do in-state. So, I booked us a few nights stay at the "Sierra Grande Resort by Ted Turner" along with some private soaking tub and spa experiences around town. I am happy to report back that Truth or Consequences, New Mexico is officially my favorite town in New Mexico. (Sorry Santa Fe).

The town has been known as a hot springs town for over a century and was in fact originally named, Hot Springs New Mexico before the town's name changed in 1950 as part of a publicity stunt to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Ralph Edwards' successful radio game show on NBC Radio called 'Truth or Consequences'. Today, about 6,000 residents populate the town and cater to those seeking thermal springs healing experiences. What really caught my eye in my research about the town, is that like many other Hot Springs destinations, Truth or Consequences was once a much bigger town, before the pharmaceutical industry took off and left natural healing and soaking remedies mostly in the dark. I've frequented hot springs all around our beautiful Nation, and I often find they were founded when a couple of settlers discovered the noticeable health improvements and ended up sticking around, for a life time of soaking. Truth or Consequences is just that, a place of geothermal healing activity that captures the hearts of health seekers, who end up sticking around for a lifetime of a slower paced lifestyle. Personally, I fantasize about having access to natural hot springs all the time to replace any and all anxiety medications for myself. So, to find a place in New Mexico focused on using soaking for wellbeing, was a goldmine for me. After our nearyby favorite hot springs Ojo Caliente burned down and 2020 happened, I have been longing for a place to soak and have finally found it!

Once we settled into our hotel, we threw on our swimming suites and went to Riverbend Hot Springs for an unforgettable soaking experience. I rented us a private soaking pool facing the Rio Grande under the stars for 2 hours. Riverbend Hot Springs offers lodging and private soaking experiences and is by far one of the most unique, quirky and yet relaxing spa's I have been to. It's eclectic, artistic, funky, healing-forward, fairly priced and very clean. At night they use laser lights to light up the entire banks of the Rio and as the thermal hot springs fed healing pools reach 100-110 degrees, the cool desert air is sharp contrast that keeps you moving from hammock to hot tub. The private tub rooms are open air and come with a cold shower and lot's of seating. Bring your own towels and water bottles and check out the various themed rooms, from psychedelic looking to very zen and modern. Riverbend books up in advance quickly, so if you can't get a hotel room here - at least stop by for a soak at night, it's extremely worth it!

The following day, we began to explore the downtown area or Truth or Consequences and noticed we had stepped back in time to the 1950s-1960s. The buildings and stores downtown are frozen in time and to our surprise the stores were actually open and selling vintage items and handmade artist craft goods. I found a vintage glass bead necklace, some cool print cow earrings and great wind chime for my dad and spent under $30. We stumbled on several art galleries too that were welcoming in tourists to take a look into the minds and imaginations of the town's many artists. There were glass pipe shops and funky motels with hot springs soaking tubs piped right into the rooms, check out The Pelican, Blackstone & La Paloma Hot Spring for some super retro affordable geothermal healing experiences. And after a full year of no indoor-dining, it was an extreme delight to then sit down to a meal at the town's steakhouse, Los Arcos, where we had a fantastic traditional steak house dinner, shrimp cocktail and proper highball cocktails.

As a former Bartender and (Specifically) Resort Worker, I cannot say enough about the hospitality of this town. Sierra Grande's Staff, Riverbend's Staff, Los Arcos Staff, were all extremely wonderful and unlike any other level of hospitality I have had anywhere in the state of New Mexico. These workers are on a different level of hospitality entirely out here. They were kind, intuitive, gracious and wonderful to be served by. Did I mention, this was the most affordable staycation we have experienced in New Mexico too?

After a few days of celebrating, soaking, shopping, golfing and dining we are refreshed and rejuvenated for 2021... and I am already booking our next trip back to Truth or Consequences, my new favorite secret in New Mexico. If you end up visiting the town because you read my blog, please do tell them your favorite New Mexico Realtor Jenna Hensley inspired you to make the trip. And, you're welcome! ;)

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